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World Millennium Kannada Conference (WMKC 2000)

World Millennium Kannada Conference - Houston, Texas, Sept. 2000

About Houston WMKC Event

Gayathri Kongovi
Coordinator, Conference Program
5319 Wyndham Springs Court
Houston, TX 77041

Ph: (713) 466-8779
Email: kongovi@mindspring.com
Jayaram Nadig
Conference Chairman
1127 Magnolia Woods Court
Sugar Land, TX 77479-6171

Ph: (281) 343-0820
Email: arunj@aol.com
Fax: (281) 545-9574

A word about the Kannada Millennium Conference

Kannadigas living in North America have chosen to come together to cherish and to share their culture with kannadigas living in other parts of the world and are therefore organizing this conference in Houston Texas USA.

The conference will be held during the labor day weekend in year 2000.
The objectives of the conference are:

  • To prepare the community for the cultural adjustments that will be needed in the coming century, by redefining and validating the broader goals, aims, and aspirations of all Kannadigas

  • To share information among all the Kannada Associations with a view to unify the process adopted among the various Kannada centers

  • To foster good-fellowship among the Kannada youth by focusing on their rich Kannada heritage and roots, and the affinity of the Kannada community as a whole

  • To provide opportunities for leadership skills and talents among the Kannada community

  • To propagate the value system and culture of our native land among our communities,specifically by influencing universities to offer courses on Kannada, and target out efforts to a select university to adopt a kannada chair.

We plan to achieve the above objectives through a combination of cultural programs, workshops, discussion groups, and the publication of a commemorative issue. We invite your support and assistance in the form of program ideas, talents, contributions of funds, services and materials, publicity, workshops and presence and participation at the conference. We also request that the Kannada associations worldwide provide relevant summaries on their organizations for inclusion in the conference commemorative issue, and confirm early, on plans to participate in this glorious endeavor.

An illustrated commemorative issue hosting articles from well-known authors around the world and a multimedia CD will be released at the conference. Panel discussions, lecture demonstrations and educative book shows are also a part of this conference. This is an excellent opportunity for local, national and international businesses to integrate their products and services into the conference and become a part of this celebration.

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